Beermann Plaza

May 19, 2021

Beermann Plaza

Beermann Plaza is featured throughout “Just Jeeves: Life lessons from the end of short leash.” Jeeves and his friends, The Downtown Dogs, meet around the fountain in the plaza where they discuss Lincoln’s issues.

As far as Jeeves can determine, Beermann Plaza is named after Fritz Beerman and his son, Charles who came to Lincoln in 1880 and worked together in the harness and saddle shop at 5th and F Streets. A commemorative plaque marks the spot. Charles Beerman served as Lincoln’s Town Treasurer after the election of 1892. Sadly, Jeeves could find nothing more about the Beerman family. For example, he wonders why is the plaza named Beermann rather than Beerman?  Jeeves hopes the Downtown Dogs will uncover the mystery.

The Lincoln Area Archives Museum now stands in the vicinity of the Beerman saddle shop.  It is housed in the old City Hall and overlooks the fountain in the center of historic downtown Lincoln. For more information about historic Lincoln and the museum, visit

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