Ex Libris

KathyKronikles.com supports independent bookstores and local libraries. In addition to her membership in the Florida Writers Association (FWA), Kathy Dorsey is a Friend of Bookselling member of the American Booksellers Association  (ABA).

Mary Ellen

Poignant and touching, this novel is more than fiction, it’s therapeutic.

Just Jeeves

They say more wisdom is often wrought from the mouths of babes than from grown adults. But what about from a naive Yorkshire Terrier named Jeeves? Jeeves has an insatiable curiosity about the perplexing world around him and a habit of making more sense of it than the humans who patronize him.

Sidewalk Spots

Harkening back to the nostalgic era of San Francisco’s heyday, with the city as the backdrop, author Kathy Dorsey weaves an intricate tale of mystery hidden in plain sight and puzzles appearing around each corner.

Onions and Oranges

A murder mystery that features private detective Willis Prescott.

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